Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween costume sneak-peek

After googling "baby beret" proved unsuccessful, I set to work creating one of my own.
I tried to measure his head, but found more success just cutting an X in a piece of fleece thusly:

Then cutting a second circle to match and sewing them together. 

 Really, though, without the model it didn't amount to much....
"What do you want from me, I'm French, and I don't have time for your silly escapades.  Do you see how your very presence draws the outer corners of my lips into a sneer??"

"But perhaps I will tolerate you since you feed me.  Also, do you notice how much I look like my non-french grandfather and name-sake in this picture?"

"I sigh with ennui.  I'm totally over this comment dit-on..... 'allo-ween"

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