Friday, July 2, 2010

Wish list

I know how very rarely I post about opera on my blogs... it's strange, really.  But I'm feeling inspired by Drake's recent iTunes birthday present purchase of this album by Joyce DiDonato and of this album by Jonas Kaufmann (thanks Amy and Vernon!) Now that we're no longer in NYC it's become increasingly important to seek out good singing, and man oh man is this ever good!

Looking further into Ms. DiDonato's discography, I found these two DVD's which I now want desperately...


There is also, of course, her blog-- which I've been reading for a long time now.  Beautiful writer and photographer too!

AND I was alerted to a broadcast of The Marriage of Figaro which Joyce and my friend Nicole Cabell performed this Spring in Chicago.  Tune in here on July 3rd.

Speaking of Nicole... here's another one I want :)

She's Musetta

These should keep you all in good stead opera-wise until next month.  There's a lot of amazing music/theater being made!  here's to seeking it out...

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