Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shed Pt. 2

We woke up the next morning and began to assess where we were. Roof leveled and supported, it was time to address the western wall. Ah the western wall.

Clearly the western wall was in the worst shape of the entire shed, when we received a letter from the police department concerning the shed, it featured the western wall. Covered with vines. Growing INTO the shed. Through the roof. After some discussion with project leader Kevin, it was decided that the western wall had to be removed. Completely. We set about supporting the roof, and while Kevin began making plans to reframe the wall, I started taking the wall out. And by taking the wall out I mean beating the @#$# out of the wall till it was not connected to the shed anymore. Catharsis.

At this point Kevin and I were starting to worry about what we could get done before the Grandey's expected departure, until the arrival of the third member of our group, Jesse. Jesse is a singing buddy of mine who came all the way from Ann Arbor to lend a hand. Kevin put him immediately to work removing the bolts that were in the concrete that had a one time held the shed to the concrete.

While we were doing this, Kevin (with some help from Lila!) was building the framing for the wall. I went to help.

Jesse then went to cut off the rotten roof beams and with Kevin's help attach the new supports to the non-rotted wood.

Note the appearance of Fat Max (the hammer). It's actually called Fat Max, it's written on the handle. He probably got teased a lot in Junior High. At this point it was getting on lunch, so we will take a break with our heroes as they rest and prepare for the afternoon.

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