Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day and Flora

I had my first Mother's Day and it was lovely!  Drake had been singing a Mozart Requiem in Canton, but woke up early on Sunday to get home before noon.  He surprised me with some really beautiful yellow/orange roses and we went to Home Depot to pick out some hanging baskets for the porch.  

I picked some orange/purple mixed annuals and put them in the baskets that the former owner left us.  They used to hold plastic floral garlands, but fortunately while Drake's mom was visiting she disposed of them.  :)

So now we have these:

And as for the mossy baskets?  I don't know.  What are your thoughts?  For now they were what was available, but in the end, I may prefer something less moss-y and more basket-y.  

As for the rest of the flora around our house, the gardens are a-blooming, and I'm told that our Hostas are exceptional :)  (I'm allowed to be boastful about them, since I had nothing to do with their flourishing...)

We had some lovely visitors who told me that these are pretty easy to separate and replant, so I'm sure that I'll do some of that in a bit-- I'd love to have these on either side of our front stairs, and they appear to be rather easy to maintain since we've done nothing to them, except to clear out the dead remains of last years Hostas.

This is the front of the house.  More Hostas of different varieties.  I'm about to mulch the living daylights out of these flowerbeds....

The little stone garden in our backyard.  More hostas and other flowers of unknown variety-- they're not fully grown yet... maybe daisies?  We'll soon see.  

In the meanwhile, can anyone identify these?  are they Begonias?  (not sure what Begonias look like, but hear that flower name alot.... boy do I have a lot to learn!) They'll soon bloom and we'll have a better chance at googling success...

Garden plans:  mulch.  color. plant ID.

Any Michiganders out there with easy planting tips/ low maintenance flower/shrub suggestions? 


  1. Your mystery flowers are very likely peonies. We have some rogue ones in the backyard. I think they migrated from the neighbor's flower beds on the other side of the fence.

  2. oh, also, hostas are great! low maintenance, and super easy to divide. my dad divides my mom's hostas every year and gives me chunks in cardboard boxes. that and daylilies. daylilies.

  3. mystery flowers are definitely Peonies. I have four bushes of them. You will love them. Looks like yours will be a dark pink.


  4. Yes, peonies! They are the best! They smell wonderful, but be careful when bringing them inside--they're usually full of ants!

  5. Peonies! Lovely! I can't wait to see them in bloom :)
    Thanks ladies
    And I'll definitely look out for the ants.... wretched things. they think because they work so hard they're entitled to free reign over all creation! no!