Friday, May 21, 2010

A garden party

I feel reasonably confident that Drake won't check the blog in the next three days, and so I can expound here about his birthday party this weekend.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I just sent out invitations this morning (yes it's Friday, and yes the party is on Sunday.  I blame the baby.)  If you're reading this and you're thinking, "I can't believe I'm not invited" you are, come over.  (again, baby's fault.)

So in order to pull this off, I need the following things.
1. a Clown
2. a Bounce House
3. a Pony
4. Cocktails
5. Cheesecake

Fortunately for me, the Lake Orion Flower Festival is this weekend, so that takes care of the first three items.  There are big perks to living downtown, like being able to piggyback off of community events and make people think that you hired a pony for your husband's 30th birthday party.

But seriously, here is my list of things to do in the next two days.

  1. Ascertain that it will not rain.
  2. Purchase paper lanterns to hang around and make things look festive
  3. Make cheesecake (Saturday) *Susan!  If you're reading this, I'd love one of your cheesecake recipes :)  Drake mentioned strawberry in particular :) *
  4. Purchase festive beverages and party cups (not interested in dishes, although did I tell you about the new dishwashing tablets that I LOVE?? the contest for most favored household cleaning agent is a very heated battle between these and the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.) 
  5. Basic house cleaning, but nothing crazy. If anyone can actually attend this party on such short notice, it will be the first time that many of our friends have seen our house!  I'll try to shine it up a bit :) Have I mentioned that we're on the Lake Orion Historic Homes tour?  Or at least we have been historically.   I think we'll probably wait a year before we participate in the interests of getting a few more projects done, then we can have a big reveal in 2011.  It's at Christmas time too, so I need at least one year to get my holiday decorating scheme in order!

And here is the list of things I'd *like* to do, but since I have adjusted my expectations to what is actually possible to complete on scattered 2-3 hour sleep fragments, I'm totally prepared to let them fall:

  1. Mulch the flowerbeds
  2. Finish painting the porch furniture, and put it on the porch.  
  3. Paint the back porch/awning/fence (this one's **really** never going to happen)
  4. Separate some of the Hostas to replant on either side of the stairs
  5. Spray around the exterior of the house with bug guard, and get some torches for the back porch to keep mosquitos away (cursed beasts!) 
  6. Hang the art that I have scattered around the house 

I shall report back with photos!  Hopefully we can get Drake on the pony... it's not a proper 30th birthday without a pony ride

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