Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home/Life Improvement through organization.

I've never been exceedingly well organized.  I have my moments, but you will never walk into my home or office and think,  "Wow, this girl has got-it-together."  You may at times think: "Wow, her house is surprisingly clean and tidy for having a baby and toddler!" and then you will look under the beds, or open the door to the laundry room.

Some inspiration:

Look at that!   So many nooks!  so much storage!  so whimsical!  I can have a lovely space that has places to put things, but doesn't look like this:
womp womp.

Until further notice, the laundry room will remain the room where laundry is done-- I had thought we might move it to the basement sometime soon.  Sometime?  probably.  Sometime soon?  probably not.  So in order to maximize space we're thinking of getting front-loading stackables.

To stack or not to stack:

So lovely!  But let's be truthful.  Would pristine whites be found hanging above our laundry station?  Would we display bamboo shoots?

ooooo!  But the doors would have to slide back along the side, I think.  Then we could extend the countertop to make a desk/sewing table to the right of the laundry.  That would be GREAT.  

We could also stack the Washer Dryer, thusly:

Before we go any further, this room will be used for (and will require stations for): 

Unchangeable room elements: 
Built in beadboard closet
Pull-down staircase.  The layout is somewhat thus:
This is not at all to scale.  I winged it. The room is not as long along the wall where the staircase is. 

Option 1, stacked, based on this photo

Option 2, would be based on these photos:


One illustration was all I could muster, so you'll have to use your imagination a bit on option 2. 

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