Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear "the Ro Ro" and Bubba

Dear Rowie and Vera--

Before it gets away from me, I thought I'd write you a fall letter.

You are both sleeping after a lovely trip to the zoo.  I don't need to tell you how much I love you both, but I do need to tell you to STOP WAKING UP AT 4AM.  you're killing me.  I try to think about as military-style sleep training.  If I can function as a normal person now, just imagine what I'll be capable of once I can sleep again...
please note bags under eyes.

But I do have to say, if I'm going to wake up for anyone it would be for you two, because you're pretty darned cute

Halloween was fun this year.  Rowie, whenever I asked you if you wanted to dress up like Thomas (the costume you picked) you would say "no, Mama.  I Rowie. Dress up baby"  (also, you've been calling me "Alta" a lot instead of mama, and I don't think that's funny.)  I honestly think that it's my fault you won't dress up.  Last year when I made your gnome costume and tried it on you I laughed so hard that I fell on the ground, and you stared at me rolling around laughing, grabbed your hat off your head threw it on the ground and have *literally* not dressed up since.  

In the end you did wear your costume once you figured out that people would give you candy.  Two highlights:
1.  Our neighbors who do scary Halloween.  The husband dressed like a giant 8 ft crow with flashing red eyes and you saw him and freaked out.  I decided that it would be good parenting to make sure you confronted him so it wouldn't turn into a "thing." So I picked you up and we went and tickled him.  This was tremendously successful and you thought it was pretty funny until he tickled you back.  With his giant Tim-Burton-style foot long talons.  Parenting fail.  For the next few days you kept saying "Giant bird scared the Ro Ro.  No scare the Ro Ro giant bird!"  
2.  After we came back form trick or treating you were counting out your candy and mixed it in with the candy for the kids who came to our house.  From then on every single time anyone came to our door you screamed and cried when I gave them candy "No!!  NO!!! Mama, no give kids the Rowie's candy! nooooooooo"  And they all felt so bad.  Even though it wasn't your candy.  

Little Bubba, you are just getting cuter and cuter every day.  Sorry about the "bubba" thing.  I can't help it because you're my bub.  Rowie calls you Bubba now too. You are eating all kinds of different foods now and you are still not sleeping through the night. You like to watch football with your daddy and you like to clap after every bite of food (a girl after my own heart.)  You are the speediest crawler ever and very adventurous.  I don't think Rowan ever got to leave the living room at this age, but you're under the tables and chairs, in the laundry room, under the stairs, in the kitchen, in the pantry all over the place!  

Rowan, I hear you up there not sleeping and I don't think that's funny.  I'm going to turn the monitor down and let you read your books while I take a nap.  It's only 2:00 and I've already been up for 10 hours.  It feels like dinner time.  Sometimes there's just not enough coffee in the world.  But Then I try to remember that though the days are long, the years are short.
Goodnight, shorties.

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