Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Vera, 3 months

Why hello,  Baby Girl!

When you first came home, Rowan called you "My bagel." He was trying to say baby girl and it came out ba-guhl and I hoped and hoped and hoped it would stick and be your nickname forever, but alas.  After a few weeks your Dad told me I ought to let it go since I was the only hold out still calling you that.  What has stuck, though, is Baby Girl.  Rowan refuses to call you anything else.  Whenever I ask if he can say Vera he says "Noo, mommy" with this look like-- why on earth would I call Baby Girl that.

You are a little chunk and I LOVE it!!!  you are roll-y and wonderful.  You have a beautiful heft to you and are just perfect for holding, which is good because you want to be held all the time.  You are a big time snuggler.  You also like to look at things for just long enough-- you'll stare at the bee and coo and talk to him, but if it's for too long you get very upset.  Same thing with the chandelier in the Dining Room.  Same thing with the under the sea baby mat.  Same thing with ceiling fans.... If you're happy when you see yourself in the mirror you will have a grand old time, but if you're sad things fall apart even more quickly.  You've just discovered your hands and are grabbing at things which is adorable!  Maybe now you'll have a fighting chance at getting your zizas back from Rowan.

You have started to love your baths and are scooting during tummy time, right on track!   We stare at your eyes all the time trying to figure out what color they'll be-- right now I'm thinking dark blue, but with a brown patch on the outside of your right eye.  It's always been there and I think that might just be something special that will stick.  We'll see I guess!

You wake up twice at night and are very quick to go back to sleep which leads me to believe that you will be a super sleeper like your brother... I can only hope so!  Today I put you in Rowan's crib when we went to get him after your nap and you just stared at him and cooed and tried to grab his back-up ziza... it was awesome.  How lucky you both are to have each other!  He loves you so much. You're the first one he asks about when he wakes up (after one of us gets him out of bed, of course) and you're the last one he kisses goodnight.  I hope that you'll always be friends.  It's a pretty awesome thing to get to watch.

I have to go to sleep now, so that I can spend some time with you later, but wanted to make sure I got a letter in before I wake up and you're off to college! (DARN YOU TOY STORY 3 FOR MAKING ME CRY SO MUCH)


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  1. Aw... I can't wait to meet her. And to see your big boy again. Miss you, and love to all!