Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Rowie 2+ Years Old

Oh dear.
It's happened just like they said it would.  Time has sped by and now you're two and you look like a boy and not a baby.  And you speak!  You have your own thoughts and you name letters and colors and  you demand things, and you always say "Thank you momma."  Lately in the morning when Baby Girl (you won't say Vera and oddly, taking your cue, no one else does either) is in her cradle and I'm talking with her, you come between us and push her to the middle of the room then come running back and say "Hug, Mama!"  Whenever you give hugs you say "Awwwwww, cute."

You have been working up the courage to pick up the frog that lives on our back patio-- not there yet, but you will be.  When we go grocery shopping you spend the whole trip talking about the ride-on horse ("Moo") at the front of the store, then when we get there you lose your nerve.  Last time you sat on him, put in the penny, pressed the button, then as soon as he moved you threw your arms up in the air and yelled "NO THANK YOU, MOO!  MAMA, HELP!"  It was pretty awesome.

This weekend was the Lake Orion Flower Fair and we went to the bounce house (bounce house!  hooray! jumping!) I got to watch you interact with other kiddos, which I don't always get to see.  You said Hi and smiled at every child in that bounce house, though with very little reciprocity.  You just went from kid to kid saying "Hi!" and putting your face right where they were sure to see you and not miss the fact that you were there saying hi.  When that little girl in the rainbow jumper pushed you over I wanted to punch her (not really, Mom) but you looked sad for a second then you got up and moved on.  How proud I am that you are such a friendly kid with such an open heart!  It makes me happy-sad.  Happy because I think it will mean that you will be open to getting to know all kinds of wonderful people.  Sad because they won't all be as wonderful as you, and chances are that if you get hurt you're not going to let me fix it.  Which is probably a good thing, because of said earlier instinct to punch a 5 year old who didn't like you. (again, kidding.  But ask your dad about the six year old at the McDonalds playplace who told the other little girls to stay away from you because you were a boy.  I stared her down with my perfect new mom-face (slightly raised eyebrows, I'm sure you can picture it) until she smiled and patted your head.  I assure you these girls will be singing a very different tune 15 years from now.  You are gonna be quite a looker!)

We practice our character voices, talking waaaay up high and way down low, I think you have a future in this stuff.  You have a big old hearty laugh and it's awesome.  ALSO! every time I'm stuck trying to make a left turn, we talk about how much it stinks to be stuck and when I finally make the turn you yell "YAAAAAAY MOMMY!!!!"  and you clap and kick my seat.  You also do this when I change the batteries in any toy that is out of batteries (I REFUSE to change that trampoline's batteries when they finally go.  Shortest music loop in the WORLD and I refuse.  It will bounce just as well without noise.)

Well, I hear you upstairs (talking way up high) you just yelled "Heeeeey!  Oh, mommmmmeeeeeee! kna-knock....."

Can't wait to hear what else you have to tell us as you start to put more and more together.

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