Friday, June 4, 2010

Our First Fest Part 2: Festivities

Before we begin, let me first post my new posting plan:

I'm thinking I'll be able to post here about twice a week.  One post will be home related, and one post will be some sort of adorable picture of our baby (I can't help it.)  I will make every effort to stop in at least that often.  You see, in addition to having a baby 6 weeks ago, I am also back at work singing and dancing :) 

I felt at a crossroads when the baby came, and to be honest I never imagined myself working very much for the first year, but the truth is that I missed it.  Terribly.  It's hard work to build up a career-- there are a lot of people who want to sing and dance for a living, and I count my lucky stars every time the opportunity to do so arises.  So an opportunity presented itself to return to an old stomping ground-- The Ohio Light Opera. And I am thrilled to be back!

But, when I last left you we were talking about cake.  And it looked like this:

I had to repost that picture just to gaze at it, since I'm not eating cake anymore.  I have costumes to fit into now, people.

This party was kept very very simple, what with the baby and the getting ready for the contract.  Fortunately I had some help in the form of a friend visiting from NYC.  We went to Party City or some such party store and bought some paper lanterns (so festive)

And we picked up a game of bocce.  Have you ever played?  What I love about bocce is that you don't have to be athletically inclined to play it. 

AND if you are imbibing, sometimes that actually improves your game....

Part of Drake's 30th birthday present was a fully stocked bar (which we've never had, and doubly never had while I was pregnant) and the drink of the day was the Tequilla fizz, a lovely fresh alternative to the Margarita (which is greatly loved by all Dantzlers)

Tequilla Fizz (from Drinkology)
2 oz white tequilla
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 heaping tsp powdered sugar
Club Soda or Seltzler

Combine all ingredients EXCEPT for Club Soda/Seltzer in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake well and strain into a highball glass with ice (or a plastic cup if you're really classy, like us) Top with soda or seltzer and stir briefly

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