Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm aging by the minute

So my job entails a great deal of premature aging, and I thought it may interest some to know how I go about it. 

I start with a blank slate, or in this case, a bit of leftover white hairspray (from the previous night's dress rehearsal.)  It helps if I look like a crazy witch or vampire (see below)

Then I do the hair.  Remember-- the bigger the hair the closer to God. It turned out to be a mistake to put the feather in before I got into costume.  You may notice that the neck of my shirt is not quite wide enough to accommodate that kind of volume.  Alas.

Next up lowlight and hilight on the wrinkle and bone areas (respectively)

It's fun to get to see where all of my wrinkles are/will be.  A couple quick face wrinkles will do it, then we just trace.  It gets easier and easier every year...

Here we are setting the cream-based makeup with a translucent powder.

Then I remembered to add in my bonus eye-wrinkles.  Learned this trick from the marvelous and incomparable Georgi, a make-up artist who has worked with just about every singer I know (and even more that I don't know.)  

And here we are!  Lashes applied and ready to go!


  1. That is.... alarming and wonderful!

  2. At least old age won't sneak up on me.