Friday, July 10, 2009

The wheels in my head are turning...

old time radio., originally uploaded by sunsandbeach123.

And I'm thinking that I would like to do a podcast. "Alta's Old-Time Radio Podcast" or something of that ilk wherein it is indicated that I will be hosting and also that Old-Time radio songs will be incorporated. And here's how...

My Memere at one time or another 30 years or more ago made an excellent barter-- she traded her hair salon services for a player piano. This is the piano that I learned to play on. Sometimes when she was watching General Hospital (that was my practice time-- 3-4 in the afternoon) I would sneak a piano roll in and pretend that I was playing. I would smack the keys at random intervals and yell "OH NO! I HATE PRACTICING!" to make it seem legit.

So when I return to Massachusetts in 2 weeks (God help me. I am not ready to move!) I will pack up the piano rolls and take them with me to Michigan. I will do this because then we will find a player piano (I've already located an appropriate candidate) and I will host a radio show. This way too, if people come to visit me I can have them on as guests. (see! it won't just be ice-fishing!!)

Heads up, Greg and Ben, as my first visitors(/movers) in Michigan, you will be my first guests and since won't yet have secured my player piano, I invite you to sing your much lauded version of "Rock me Momma Like a Wagon Wheel" (we'll have to splice in Dad on the spoons)

A new day is a'comin' ladies and gentleman...

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