Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blogging vs. living

PJ and Whiteface, originally uploaded by Alta Marie.

I am sparse here!

In the battle of blogging vs. living, living is winning (I'm always glad of that.) It's strange, that when you have the most you want to share/talk about/think about you hardly have the time to do so.

Since the last entry I have gone home to MA to visit, photographed a wedding, and gone to Lake Placid for 4th of July. It was so wonderful there (as always) and I ate too much and relaxed a lot and spent a wonderful few days with many friends who I will miss terribly when we move.

My attempts to lure people to Michigan with promises of ice-fishing and cookies are falling flat in most cases. I hope to throw in the added lure of a player piano with countless piano rolls of hits of the 30's and 40's AND several operas. This WILL happen. mark my words-- Mom, that means you too. When we get a functioning player piano you're coming over to sing "It takes a long long train with a red caboose to carry my blues away" Ben do you remember that? that was your favorite player piano song when you were little and the piano worked. Ah memories...

Too bad Hammy (the hamster) ate the internal workings of the piano years ago before he died in a horrible hamster rollercoaster incident.


  1. I don't understand how ice fishing could possibly fail. I mean I would want to go...

  2. You could use the draw of Amish settlements only a few hours north... and exstreme logging. My cousin does that...

    Now who could resist logging and the Amish?

    I'd say I'll come out, but clearly I never made it to NY while you were there...

  3. Now extreme logging was something I never knew I was missing!!
    Plus there's Canada