Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Rowan (20 months)

You are taking a nap now, and normally I would take a nap too, but I can't sleep because your sister is kicking me like crazy.  I thought I'd finally come and post something on the blog about everything we did to the house this year, but as I was looking through the pictures to pick out ones to use, all I could see was you!

You're starting to talk a little-- you say mama, dada, car car, and nana (banana) and of course, uh-oh remains a fave (it probably always will.)  Lately you've been working on other words too, just today you asked for some grapes and we freaked out and you thought it was funny.  We went to Texas and MA (and PA and OH) to visit family and friends for Christmas and you had a grand time!

You like to eat spicy things which surprises me.  You also eat/lick things that you think will make me say ick and make faces at you-- like: 
your feet
I blame myself because my "ick" faces are too funny.  I'm working on that.  

You are so very sweet with babies which makes me happy.  When you see them, you grab their faces (one hand on each cheek) and get really close and say "hi baby!"  When we ask you where your baby sister is, you point to your belly.  Close enough.  

You love jumping (still) and you love cars.  You also love your dad.  ALOT.  He plays hide and seek with you and you wrestle all the time.  He's much more fun to wrestle with than I am because I am practically immobile and too easy to beat.  You have a wonderful wrestling signature yell which we call "The Pterodactyl."  You tried it out on your Uncle Ben in MA and I'm quite sure that his heart was struck with fear (and cuteness).  

You just woke up from your nap, so this is it for now!   

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