Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick! before the summer's over!

I am amazed at how fast/slowly this summer is moving.  Every morning I wake up with the intention of doing some sort of small house project or doing something fun and summery with Rowan-- sometimes we have some fun, but house projects are increasingly rare... maybe that's because every single wall in the house (excepting two closets) has finally been stripped of wallpaper and painted.  Every wall!  and there are a bunch of them!  I tackled our bedroom a few months ago but haven't posted anything about it because of extreme laziness.


  • come up with a solution for the back entry way-- where do we put our keys and bags and such?
  • come up with a recycling solution.  paper bag on the floor isn't cutting it anymore
  • make sno-cones by finding a snoopy sno cone machine
  • go somewhere "up north" in Michigan
  • acquire a dresser for Drake so that he doesn't have to keep all of his clothes in the guest room
  • get a corner shelving system built for the basement landing so that cleaning supplies don't just get flung there.
  • post pictures of the millions of changes that have taken place around here that I haven't communicated.  At least pictures, even if I don't write about them....

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