Monday, January 17, 2011

Before After Mania!

Oh boy oh boy.  We have a very long Christmas break, and we spent it on Rowan's first Christmas world tour, which was a great deal of fun.  (Pics soon)  

The benefit of having a lot of time off is that you have time off for projects! But then you get so busy with projects, and class planning and such that there is simply no time to blog about them.  BUT! know this! We have done some work in both the laundry room and the kitchen as follows:

note: stained carpets,  3 tulip light fixture, pastel wallpaper, pulldown staircase---

For about a year we were living with the under-paper.  Drake pulled down the pansies, and we were left with this lovely and calming wall dressing duo:


Now we just have to get rid of the laundry (move it into the bathroom) and pull up the linoleum and refinish the wood floors!


I wish I had a closeup of the border which said "Shadybrook Farms" (this is true)


What's that you say?  you can barely see the ceiling fan?  Well that's because we painted it and replaced the tulip light covers.  This is what it used to look like:

We are desperate for some art in here, but are pretty psyched about the more sophisticated (than Shadybrook farms) color palate. 
and now! Still have to put in a tile backsplash, and new floor, AND refinish the cabinets. (and perhaps move the sink to under the window....)

One more quick before:
And after:

Well begun, but never ending!

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  1. what's that funny character on the counter doing?
    did you pose him to squirt that bottle on purpose?
    Nice job again! It sure feels good creating nice living spaces, doesn't it? too bad they don't last forever though huh? As your friends are attesting to, it never ends.