Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well I guess it's safe to tell you now if you don't already know.  We are finally home after three months away!

That's right.  12 weeks, or three quarters of Rowan's life were spent away from home.  Mostly Drake and I were both singing at the Ohio Light Opera, but then we went and visited family in Texas and Massachusetts AND went to NYC and Lake Placid too.  So that makes 6 states (MI, OH, PA, TX, MA, NY) and two countries (we drove home through Canada) for Rowan in his brief but full life.

Pictures? you ask?  There are many.  Home improvements?  Also many-- but mostly invisible.  We had gutters put up and we had the electrical completely redone.  We now can turn on the kitchen light when we enter the kitchen rather than having to do so from the Dining Room.... YES!!!

Oh there will be many posts soon.  many.
I missed it here

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