Thursday, November 12, 2009

Drake's sweater

I've been working diligently on Drake's sweater in an attempt to get it finished before we find out the sex of the baby on TODAY! The appeal of knitting baby things is just too strong as they are both adorable and quick to knit. From a knitting perspective I wish that I'd married a shorter man, or at least one with shorter arms as Drake has very long monkey arms and is over 6 feet tall, thereby making his sweaters take the REST OF MY LIFE to knit. I think it'll be worth it though with this one-- Smokin by Jared Flood (who has a fancy new layout for his website, Brooklyn Tweed)

I woke up early this morning (so excited to go to the Doctor!) and am going to see if I can knock out most of the shawl collar on this sweater before we go in. I'm aiming for this being finished in time for my knitting birthday party on Saturday. :)


  1. this sweater has by no means taken as long as the 5 year blanket! keep up the good work. i gotta go crochet this elephant head!

  2. Instantly the best comment of the month... "i gotta go crochet this elephant head" ;)

  3. Incidentally...
    This sweater is now finished. Just waiting for it to dry to take some pics!