Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reupholstery project.

Phase 1. The raw materials.
And by that I mean the actual pieces of furniture that I will be recovering. I have a three piece living room set inherited from my Great Grandmother. It was recovered by my Great Aunt Evelyn. I'm betting that this took place somewhere between 1940 and 1960.... the fabric is rough and not too comfortable to sit on, and it is also pink. So there's that. Without further ado....Pink chair
Pink couchGreen chair
and a detail shot to show the woodwork....
So the questions/options are this, and I need you!
1. Paint the wood a glossy black and recover with a graphic print?
2. Keep the wood (maybe gloss it up) and pick a print with natural colors that enhance the wood?
3. Keep it neutral.
It's tricky. They are striking pieces and I don't want to take away from that, but I think that glossy black with a graphic print could be very striking.

Next post... some fabric options. Please feel free to suggest some in the comments too!


  1. What a fun project and great pieces to start with! Do you know how to reupholster? What about a solid fabric for the sofa and then graphics for the chairs? Did you see that post on Apt Therapy with the blue velvet furniture. I loved that! I say pick your fabrics first before choosing the wood finish.

    Fun! Fun! Fun!

  2. i *love* the idea of glossy black on the wood, but i agree with currychick that you should find your fabric bliss first. they are lovely pieces, though. color me jealous. i am very limited with upholstery.

  3. Yay! So excited to see your beautiful pieces. What other wood finishes do you have going on in the room and how will the finish on the furniture balance? Depending on that and the fabric, you could even stain the wood a darker color. I'm always a fan of natural over painted =)

  4. Curry-- I'll have to check out the blue velvet. I'm woefully behind on my apt. therapy blog reading since becoming a full time Golden Girls watcher ;)

    CDG-I too am limited. Everything that I've recovered thus far has been very modern and square. BUT! I have hope. hope and a totally unfounded confidence. ;)

    Sharon-- the other wood finishes in the room are darker, though truly unimportant. There's only one other piece of furniture in the room that I love- an etager that's dark wood. Everything else is rather haphazard. I do like the idea of staining it darker!

    Now to find some fabrics!