Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Music everywhere...

You may remember from this post that sometimes I am totally inspired by particularly exceptional street musicians. In particular this one guitarist who sings in Spanish sometimes on the L. WELL! every morning for the past two weeks he has been in a little nook where we transfer from the L to the N/R and every day I get out of the very crowded L train and am so surprised and happy to hear him. Really. He has such a beautiful voice. I wish that he made a CD, because I would totally buy it. Maybe I should record him and give him copies to sell, I LOVE his voice. When my time in NYC is finished he will be a big part of what I miss most.

Drake notices music everywhere too, but to him it is generally in the form of intervals. He'll notice that the alert for subway doors closing are a major third. The alert will sound, then he'll sing it back and say "Major third!" or he'll notice that when the train accelerates to leave the station the wheels will make a minor 7th and then he'll sing it back and say "Minor Seventh!" Sometimes we'll hear things and I'll just look at him, waiting for him to declare the interval that we just heard, and he won't say it for a while, but he always says it eventually. This morning after the subway doors closed he said

"it sounds like 'you-hoo!' 'subway doors closing! yoo-hoo!' can you imagine if it were a minor third and it was all 'uh-oh!'"

Communicating this to you, internet, makes me realize that this should be endearing, but I confess that I have little patience for it. In fact I get terribly agitated, to the point that whenever I hear an interval represented in everyday activity, I shoot Drake a look and point at him in warning. Which just means that he wins, because I hear it now too.


  1. I always used to envy the pitch-dorks in the music department, because I have a fine ear, but I cannot identify intervals on the spot like that. Then, a perfect pitched friend explained how all day all she heard was intervals, pitches of engines, bells, timers, etc... never mind things that were out of tune! and I thought, "hey, ignorance *is* bliss." I wonder how Drake will find the intervals in MI?

  2. There are no intervals. Not in Detroit anyway.... highly regulated, you know