Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nature's hair fan

Shot Kristin & Liz in windy Tribeca on Wednesday-- there are a few inherent perils about shooting in Tribeca, which include
1. drippy air conditioners
2. perilous terrain
3. gusty breezes
4. security guards
But all of our risky behaviour was TOTALLY worth it!
Already finished the post-editing on Liz's kick-@ss new B&W....

Liz cooked us a delicious roast after the shoot.... (ummm, hellooo? a delicious roast!) and we had a lovely jury decide amongst the finalists. Kristin, here's one of my faves, but we'll wait for word from you before doing any post-processing. There are LOTS of great shots in there, wade through them patiently, and let us know if we should assemble a jury for you.... (facebook, maybe?)
UPDATE: here's Kristin's! (we picked the same one)

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