Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am officially a shut-in

So Texas has been covered in ice for three days now, and I have been sitting in my apartment wasting away. And by wasting away I mean watching hours upon hours of television and movies while knitting and trying not to bake anything.

The completion of the blanket that I've been knitting for three years is nigh upon me. It's hard to believe. I purposefully chose an interminable project to teach me patience. My worry is that when I finish the actual knitting of it that I won't have the fortitude to put it together. We shall see if my three years of knitting has taught me any patience.

Things that I have watched in the past three days:
The Family Stone
The Break Up (hated it)
Mojambo (Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly. cheap ending)
Stepmom (only 20 minutes of it)
America's Funniest Videos (I LOVE this show and I don't care who knows it. kids say the darndest things...)
Top Chef Marathon
American Idol (I'm so glad it's back! Audition week is my favorite... )
Season One of Weeds (thanks Katie and Matthew, it is awesome)

Today I am DVR-ing "Lucas" which I thought was the movie about the retarded football player. Drake told me that I was mistaking it with "Rudy" and that he's not retarded, he's just on the small side. I wonder what Lucas is about.....

One amusing thing about the weather has been the "emergency" posts that scroll across the bottom of the screen on network TV. They say things like "Driving on the ice is not only dangerous... it's DEADLY...." "Be sure when you leave the house to tell someone where you're going, and to pack many extra blankets and water." I think it's kind of funny to imagine being stuck in your car for a long enough while that extra water is required. I mean, I think I'd just leave the car and "rough it" to the nearest strip mall (which is never that far away.... even in Austin)

Well if anyone reading this (namely, Cam, Kate or Drake, the only three that know of its existance thus far) finds anything interesting on the internet, or can offer any other variation of solitaire, please send a note. I appreciate any kind of human contact in these days of icy solitude....


  1. you can always start cruising yarn web sites? it takes up weeks of my life. seriously.,, and there's always commercial brands like patons, lion brand, etc...

  2. Do you get the lion brand weekly email? Lola is quite entertaining in an odd way. I have to admit the hardest part about making the myriad of baby blankets has been the actual sewing of the granny squares. The crochet part is easy...

    Ah well...